Joe Weider 8630 Training System And Home Gym A Weight Machine That Won’t Quit

While the Joe Weider 8630 Training System is no longer among the home gyms at Weider Fitness, the demand for it remains strong, according to ads and searches on the internet.

Just don’t even consider purchasing one if it doesn’t include the manual. You will need this to understand how to put together the Weider 8630 Training System, to get the weight chart, replacement parts list, to find out how to adjust cables and seats, and for general trouble shooting.

Also remember that, if you do find a second hand or refurbished model, you probably won’t get a warranty. It can also be dangerous to work with a weight training system that may perhaps be missing crucial parts and safety mechanisms. But, if you know your stuff, you may just get a bargain in good shape on Craigs List or one of the other classified ad sites.

The Weider 8630 Training System has been designed to take care of every major muscle group in your body. It sports two total body workout stations, ideal for family use. Do you envy all those guys with their well-defined chests? Well, here you get the tools of the trade in the form of butterfly arms and a chest press. Just right for some fine-tuning chest chiseling.

Your lats, back and arms will appreciate a dose of attention via the high pulley and lat bar, while your legs will soon take on quite a different shape thanks to the leg developer and leg press station.

Also included is an ab pulley station, backrests, low pulley station and dual weight stacks. The one weight stack is connected to the ab, upper and lower pulley stations. The second stack goes with the fly, press arms and leg press.

It is crucial to make yourself familiar with the user or instruction manual, before attempting to use the machine. The Joe Weider 8630 Training System station needs to be on a level surface to be safe. It is a good idea to check the home gym regularly to make sure every part is fastened as it should be. Small children should never be allowed to play near the machine. If you are very unfit, it is recommended that you contact your doctor before you embark on a Weider 8630 workout routine.

Other popular Weider exercise equipment sculptors include the Weider Crossbow (or Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym), the Weider Pro 9635 Home Gyms and the Weider 4300 weight system.

So, if these aren’t to your liking, put on your detective hat and see if you can sniff out one of the Weider 8630 Training Systems…

From the home gym equipment review desk of Rika Susan.

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